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Massage by Design School
Distance Education with a Personal Touch

***Login information for the online school, that is located on the Admissions page, will be provided upon meeting the requirements for enrollment

OPEN HOUSE ---Date: TBD     FROM 6PM - 8PM
Location: Meadowlake Resort, 100 St. Andrews Dr., Columbia Falls, MT 59912 (at the Adult Fitness Center)

Massage by Design School provides an opportunity for those over the age of 18 to begin a new career in massage therapy with the ease of learning from your home and having the practical experience at our on-site location in Montana. Your new career can begin in as little as 5 months depending upon your schedule. We at the Massage by Design School encourage you to make an informed decision about your education. Check out the entire website to gain the knowledge needed to make that decision.

Massage by Design School is technically advanced for your busy life, quality education practical convenience educating those who want more out of life, changing careers or looking to start your own business, study with Massage by Design School where distant learning has a personal touch!

Why should you study with Massage by Design School?....Because you are worth a quality education, you "are" what you study.

Get motivated~ Start your new career here!

"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. ~Sydney J. Harris"

About Us

The Massage by Design School and curriculum began in 2008 by providing continuing education to massage therapists. The administration has been involved with massage since 1997 and has created a multitude of curriculums. Faculty and Director are also licensed, where required, and are nationally certified massage therapists. With that experience we have been able to build a great curriculum to create your massage education experience.

We have decided to combine the distance education and the on-site education to best serve today’s busy lifestyle. The program can be completed in as little as 6 months or as long as 1 year.

The on-site school is a fully designed classroom made to keep the learning experience a complete one. Bringing the education that was provided during the distance education portion and combining it with the on-site education makes it complete.

Why Choose Massage by Design School?

Massage by Design School is offering a unique quality education by combining distance and on-site education. We pride ourselves on being a distance education with a personal touch. During your distance education portion of the program you will be provided access to instructors, forums, online discussions, instructional videos specific to our program. With the combination of the 2 styles of education it will allow you to learn without being away from your family or have the interruption of your lifestyle for the extended period of time that the traditional setting requires.

During your clinical/practical education you will have the opportunity to experience a real on-site clinic setting and possibly providing chair massage once a week to guests from all over the world.

After the education received at Massage by Design School you will be qualified to sit for the National Certification Exam and have the ability to apply for your massage license.

School Information

The school is located in the beautiful setting of Kalispell, MT. Surrounding area includes restaurants, grocery stores and shopping within a short distance.

The space includes:  Classroom  with a full body skeleton, body and anatomical charts, massage tables, massage chairs, power point, CD player, CD’s, TV and DVD player, restroom, and chairs

Address: 100 St Andrews Dr., Columbia Falls, MT 59912


·        Contact Hours: 

                Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

               406-890-5244 phone       888-527-3813 fax

All enrollment can be done through email, fax or phone.

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